The costs of a start-up family – family economics

Let’s talk affordability.

According to the most recent government data, a married, two-child, middle- income family will spend approximately R93 500 a year on their child. If you take into account that a one-child household spends an average of 27 percent more on a single child, that R93 500 could be nearly R120 000.

Before your baby arrives, you’ll have already spent an average of R22 000 on items including the crib, changing table, rocker and dresser. On top of that you’ll need a car seat and a pram.

Many of these initial, ‘set-up’ costs go to baby products that you only require for a short amount of time or sometimes hardly use. For these reasons and many more hiring baby products is a way-forward.

We have done the calculations…. Through renting you can save up to 75% on premium baby products.

Take that in… Three quarter of the actual retail price that you would pay in the shop. Even considering the resale value of baby products, you would still save time and money choosing renting over buying!

We both weren’t mathematicians in school but that is an equation we do understand. Family economics made easy!

Over the coming weeks we will be speaking more elaborately about the costs of baby products. Being a parent requires a lot – a lot of love, patience and money. We are here to help you get the best quality baby products for less.

Now that is family economics made easy.