Baby showers and baby gifting

You are sitting in front of your baby shower guests opening presents when you open one that’s just not your vibe. You fake a smile and pretend it’s the cutest thing in the world while mentally making a note to return it or donate it as soon as the party is over.


A gift is precious when it comes from the heart but not all gifts are useful for every family. Registries can be a solution and are quite useful to help guide your babyshower guests to the products that you want and need. But from a recent questionnaire amongst our followers we found that over 67% of the people that participated in the poll do not buy gifts from a registry. In addition 17% indicated wanting to buy a gift in a group versus 83% individually. Leaving you often with more smaller gifts that you might or might not want.

We asked the same followers to tell us about the best baby shower gifts they got. Here are the practical results:

  • Nappy bin
  • Baby Linen
  • Baby Towels and Muslin Cloths
  • Sleeping Pods or Cushion
  • Mobile
  • Playmat

The start-up costs for a baby are high and support from family or friends is often welcomed. We also asked our followers what were some of the baby shower gifts they wished they could have gotten but are generally a bit too expensive?

  • Rocker
  • Moses basket
  • Baby bath
  • Baby Monitor
  • Baby Carrier

We have the perfect baby shower gift for you. The gift that keeps on giving. With our gift voucher you have an original and sustainable gift for your pregnant friend, colleague, sister, daughter or daughter-in-law.

Instead of giving new products that you are not sure will be used, gift a voucher. With the voucher the family-to-be gets to choose for themselves and select products that suit their needs and wishes. For R190,- the family-to-be can rent a Luma high stand baby bath for a month for example. And for R450,- mom-to-be and her baby can enjoy the best night’s sleep by renting a co-sleeper. A win-win.

Have a look at our website to see what other amazing products you can gift through our vouchers.