About Us


Our story began when two moms-to-be met at antenatal class… 

As we welcomed our daughters into our lives and compared notes along the way, we both realised we were facing the same problem: As new parents we were overwhelmed with choice and a whole lot of unsolicited advice when it comes to baby products. The irony is good quality baby products are expensive and as your child moves through development stages quickly you often only need something for a few weeks or months. 

We put our heads together and decided to find a better way.

And so, Anew was born – South Africa’s first premium baby product rental service. 


My name is Nina and I am the founder of Anew. Next to running Anew, I am mother to two beautiful daughters and a trained life coach. The idea for Anew was born out of a desire to start something for myself. As much as being a mom filled my cup … and sometimes made it overflow … I had a strong urge to be a role model to my girls and contribute to a better future for the world they will live in.

Having grown up in Europe, I had access to many baby products that were very functional and durable. Seeing mom friends struggle with finding good quality baby products, I felt there was a need to support moms make better choices.

Through Anew I personally also hope to encourage producers to think about how they can extend and or change the lifespan of their products so that we can all move towards a system that is more focused on a circular economy.


My name is Lushinka. I am a self-employed mother of two, founding member of Into the Net netball academy and co-founder of Anew. Being a mother of a pigeon pair in the modern world is no easy feat and I am fully aware of the challenges mothers and families face when growing their tribe. There is so much information, so many opinions and so much to deal with that it can be very difficult to see the way forward.

Thankfully, I worked as an au pair in my early years and was able to learn not only how to manage kids of varying ages but also what products worked best for them (and their parents) and why. When Nina and I saw the opportunity to provide solutions to these problems in a way that was practical and sustainable – we knew we had to do it.

My passion for children along with my flexible and client-centric approach means I can help new parents navigate this exciting new world they’ve been thrown into and help them plot the course for an incredibly rewarding journey to come.