A-New Baby Sleeper

You Should Rent, Not Buy Your Baby Equipment

We all know how it goes, you’re expecting, you put together a gift registry and on your baby shower get a whole array of baby products. Whatever you don’t get at the baby shower you buy from your local baby product store. The idea of renting baby equipment may be a far-fetched idea for many, but A-New has turned that idea into a reality for many new parents in South African. 

Here are some ideas to chew on when considering whether you want to purchase or rent baby products:

  • You save money: Typically, this may not always be the case but when it comes to higher-cost and higher-quality products like those offered by A-New, you save money because you don’t need to purchase a high-cost item which will only be used short-term, because your baby grows out of it. An example of this is with the Luma Baby Bath set that retails at approximately R1600.00 an used for only 3-months. With A-New you only pay R165,00 per month and save R1105.00.

  • You can return your items: As a parent one of the most frustrating things that you have to deal with is the unknown reaction of your child to the latest baby product you’ve purchased for them. The specific item you bought may be super functional and look fantastic but your little bundle of joy might hate it and never go near it. The ability to return an item if your child does not take to it or simply exchanging it for a different item is a great option that you only have with baby product rental.
  • Your living arrangements are flexible or you have multiple homes: With the recent upset in regular office hours or buildings with the COVID-pandemic, we learnt that we can work from anywhere. Many industries have opted for flexi-hours and online work which allows a level of flexibility allowing you to travel up to your family home and work from there for a time, stay with relatives, or stay in an AirBNB for a month. With A-New’s baby product rentals, if your destination is Cape Town, you don’t need to cart all your baby furniture and equipment with you, you can simply rent them.

  • Eco-Friendly: A lot of baby products are discarded long before their intended lifespan. This isn’t only a waste of the products potential future use but also means that manufacturers have to produce more furniture to supply the constant demand. This means that there is an increase in raw material extraction and factory pollution. By renting baby products, you contribute to the decrease of CO2 emissions and contributes to a circular-economy.

  • You are moving abroad: Moving abroad is always a waiting game between departmental issues, selling homes, medicals, air tickets and visas. Most times during this process, families end up selling what they can and then renting a fully-furnished place month-to-month until the day of their departure. Buying baby equipment during this time would just add to the chaos which makes rental a great alternative for those in the process of moving abroad.

These are only some of the benefits of renting baby products with so many others that make it so worthwhile to choose rental instead of purchasing.