What is the average resale value of premium baby products

Baby products need to be comfortable, safe and durable in order to be effective for both mom and baby. Premium baby products offer the highest value in all of these aspects but come at a pretty penny.

When it comes to resale, these higher-end products such as the Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller are not easy to find online, and when you do find them online, because they are premium products, they retain their value to some degree and can be resold at quite a high price. 

A-New offers a variety of these top brand premium baby products at an affordable monthly rental. We investigated current online trends to see how the products we rent out are being priced when resold second-hand by moms and dads that have no more need for the items, and here is what we found:premium baby product resale valueWith these kinds of resale prices, it’s no wonder that parents are opting to rent their baby products rather than buy them. With A-New, parents get products that are as good as new delivered straight to their door and see an estimated savings of up to 74% when compared to buying. 

A-new takes the highest of care and follows strict international protocols to ensure the hygiene and safety of its products meaning clients get the same high-quality, high-value product that is comfortable, safe and durable for their baby to enjoy – whether you’re renting a stroller, a sleeper, a high chair or a play-pen, or any other baby product.

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