Getting a breast pump is a serious investment, not just because it’s $$ but because it can become such a part of your life. We get many questions about breast feeding and how our breast pump can support mothers in their breastfeeding journey.

From the mom that is struggling to get her milk to come in the first few days in hospital, to the mom that is starting to work again and wants to continue to feed her child breastmilk or the dad that would love to be part of the feeding journey and feed his baby expressed breastmilk.

There are so many reasons.

The one thing that all these reasons have in common is the uncertainty, the not knowing what, when and how long. In all that uncertainty having to make a choice and invest in that choice is challenging.

We therefore suggest leasing a breast pump and scoping whether it is a commitment that you are willing to make before investing in the purchase of a breast pump. It takes the initial pressure off and allows you to make decisions on your own terms.

Families either use a breast pump for an extensive amount of time or find out early on that expressing milk is not possible or not really their game.

Whatever the reason for short term use, that is money lost and quite a bit of it. Did you know that you can rent a breast pump for a few months and try it out? Read below about the breast pump option that Anew offers.

Spectra S1 Double Electric Breast Pump

The Spectra S1 Double Electric Breast Pump is designed to meet all your breast pumping needs. Mothers pumping for babies who are temporarily unable to latch, mothers who pump exclusively, and mothers who need to combine their breastfeeding with busy work schedules and travelling will all find the S1 to be a lifesaver. This hospital grade breast pump is fully suited for very frequent use.


  • Battery will last for three hours’ pumping when fully charged.
  • Let-down massage mode with five different strength settings.
  • Expression mode has five speed settings and 12 strength settings.
  • Speed and strength are adjusted individually.
  • A built-in nightlight offers appropriate lighting during night pumping sessions.
  • BPA-free attachments.
  • Washable back-flow protectors protect the motor from contamination.


The highest quality breast pump at a fixed weekly or monthly rate, delivered to you safely and hygienically, in support of your child and a more sustainable world.

Renting saves storage, time and money.

For more information you can always call or app us on 083 723 9598.